YANACOCHA at 3000m & CHOCO at 1450m. BIRDING DAY

05:15 am Pick up from your hotel in Quito.
06:15 am Arrival to Yanacocha Reserve. Western white tailed Trogon, Collares Trogon, Sword billed hummingbird, Purple Chested Hummingbird, Gray and Gold Tanager, Rufous Winged Tanager, Emerald Tanager, Scarled Browed Tanager, Scarlet Breasted Dacnis, White Bearded Manakin.
11:30 am Arrival to Tandayapa valley for lunch in the area - hummingbird feeders.
14:30 pm Back to your Hotel

CHOCO BIRDING DAY: Milpe at 1100 up to 1950 meters

05:00 am Pick up from your hotel
06:00 am Six different types of toucans: aracari, barbets, tucanets, choco, chestnut and plate billed mountain toucan.
06:30 am Early birding looking for guans, laughing falcon, long wattled umbrella bird (female), parrots: red billed, blue headed, etc.
08:30 am Golden winged-manakin
13:30 pm Birding at Milpe area: club winged manakin (lek).
15:30 pm Back to your Hotel

CHOCO BIRDING DAY at 1600 meters

03:00 am Pick up from your hotel
05:00 am Arrival to the lek.
05:30 am Visit the Long wattled umbrella bird lek.
08:00 am Arrival to a bird lodge - Breakfast - Ecuadorian thrush, Toucan barbet.
10:00 am Depart for birding at a bird santuary. Choco toucan, Club winged Manakin, Velvet purple coronet, Brown Inca.
12:30 pm Arrival to Tandayapa area - bird and hummingbirds:. White wiskered hermit, Gorgeted sunangel.
15:30 pm Back to your Hotel

CHOCO BIRDING DAY at 1800 meters

04:00 am Pick up from your hotel
06:00 am Arrival to the lek.
06:15 am Visit to the Andean Cock of the rock (sanguinolenta) lek, Yellow breasted antpitta, dark backed wood quail.
08:00 am Optional: depart for birding the club-winged Manakin lek.
09:30 am Mindo Birding morning at a bird lodge - sickle-winged guan, Ecuadorian thrush, slate-throated and spectacled whitestart, red-headed
barbet, black-capped tanager, etc -Breakfast.
11:00 am Arrival to a bird place: crimson-rumped toucanet, dusky bush-tanager, metallic-green tanager, toucan barbet, etc.
12:20 pm Birding: Violet tailed sylph, Velvet purple coronet, Brown Inca, purple-bibbed white tip, etc.
15:30 pm Back to Quito to your Hotel

USD: 1,580 for one person “all inclusive”
USD: 1,030 per person for two people “all inclusive”
USD: 847 per person for up to four people “all inclusive”
It does include: bird guide in English with spotting scope, ground transportation, lodging in bird lodges in a private cabin with wi-fi, private bath with hot water (not fancy), all meals, all entrance fees, taxes.
Reservation: 50% as down payment and the remaining in cash and during the tour.

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I do enjoy birding since 2005. Our first pioneers in birding like: Audobon Society, Bird Life International, International Conservancy, Cornell University, Paul Greenfield and Robert Ridgely and others, are the ones who seriously made a milestone in Ornithology of Ecuador. Our sincere respect and thanks to all of those who have been working and some they do still work on. Mindobirdingtour.com is just a result of their work. Our passion for birding. Sincerely: Richard Hernandez naturalist and bird guide

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  • 100% local encourage
  • We do support/use local bird lodges/sanctuaries
  • We are not a huge multinational
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  • We leave no trace