03:00 am Pick up from your hotel in Quito
05:00 am Arrival to the lek.
05:30 am Visit the Long wattled umbrella bird lek.
08:00 am Arrival to a bird lodge - Breakfast - Ecuadorian thrush, Toucan barbet.
10:00 am Depart for birding at a bird santuary. Choco toucan, Club winged Manakin, Velvet purple coronet, Brown Inca.
12:30 pm Arrival to Tandayapa area - bird and hummingbirds:. White wiskered hermit, Gorgeted sunangel.
14:00 pm Depart to Quito
16:00 pm Back to Quito to your Hotel

Who We Are

Professionals in birding

mindo birding tours

I do enjoy birding since 2005. Our first pioneers in birding like: Audobon Society, Bird Life International, International Conservancy, Cornell University, Paul Greenfield and Robert Ridgely and others, are the ones who seriously made a milestone in Ornithology of Ecuador. Our sincere respect and thanks to all of those who have been working and some they do still work on. is just a result of their work. Our passion for birding. Sincerely: Richard Hernandez naturalist and bird guide.

What We Do

A very simple work

  • 100% local encourage
  • We do support/use local bird lodges/sanctuaries
  • We are not a huge multinational
  • Your entrance fee supports
  • Not too much playback
  • Less laser pointer
  • ExploreConserveObserve
  • We leave no trace