Arrive to Antisana Ecological Reserve:
Andean cóndor, Variable Hawk, Carunculated Caracara, Aplomado Falcon, Black Winged Ground Dove, Black Faced Ibis, Paramo Ground Tyrant, and Andean Siskin...
Arrival to Yanacocha Reserve:
Western white tailed Trogon, Collares Trogon, Purple Chested Hummingbird, Gray and Gold Tanager, Rufous Winged Tanager, Emerald Tanager, Scarled Browed Tanager, Scarlet Breasted Dacnis, White Bearded Manakin…
Arrival to Cotopaxi National Park:
Variable hawk, Andean teal, aplomado falcon, tawny antpitta, Andean tit-spinetail, Andean gull, brown backed chat-tyrant, brown billed swallow, streak backed canastero, giant hummingbird …

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Who We Are

Professionals in birding

mindo birding tours

I do enjoy birding since 2005. Our first pioneers in birding like: Audobon Society, Bird Life International, International Conservancy, Cornell University, Paul Greenfield and Robert Ridgely and others, are the ones who seriously made a milestone in Ornithology of Ecuador. Our sincere respect and thanks to all of those who have been working and some they do still work on. Mindobirdingtour.com is just a result of their work. Our passion for birding. Sincerely: Richard Hernandez naturalist and bird guide

What We Do

A very simple work

  • 100% local encourage
  • We do support/use local bird lodges/sanctuaries
  • We are not a huge multinational
  • Your entrance fee supports
  • Not too much playback
  • Less laser pointer
  • ExploreConserveObserve
  • We leave no trace